social strategy.

Behind every great campaign is a great strategy.

“A vision without a strategy is an illusion”

You know what you want to achieve, and you know that you want to use social media to get there, so why not just give it a go? This is the mistake that many businesses make, and it can end up costing a lot in time and money. We see many businesses ‘fed up’ with social media because they don’t see the results they had first anticipated. Why? Because they didn’t first outline a strategy.

Your social strategy is the backbone of everything you do on your chosen platform(s). It clearly outlines your statement of intent, what you would like to achieve and how you are going to measure whether it is successful or not. It is the ‘research’ stage of the process, making you ask the question “Is this a good idea?”

At Permission we can work with you to help you define your strategy. By getting to know you, your business and your customers, we can formulate and clearly outline an easy to understand strategy that you can continue to use time and time again.

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