Project Description

In March 2016, Around the Bend driving school tasked us with developing a strategy and solution to resolve the following problem; “To reduce the overall cost per acquisition of learner drivers for their 100+ driving instructors across the UK.”

At that time, the national driving school were paying between £35-50 per lead through a series of location specific Google AdWords campaigns, often being run in areas where the brand already has a presence in the market.  These AdWords campaigns were being directed straight through to the website, at which point the customer journey stopped being tracked, therefore meaning the whole process could not be optimised to ensure better results.

To begin tackling this task, we first looked at Around the Bend’s demographic split. Through research, we discovered that there were two different areas that we could try targeting; young drivers (aged 17-24) and the parents of young drivers (35+). The immediate thought would be to create two different ads, targeting the two demographics. By using the power of social media however, we were able to combine them into one simple advert that could be duplicated depending on where in the UK the driving school needed students.

To do this, a landing page was created that could be interchanged with different offers and prices depending on the geographical area. This landing page had one clear call-to-action on that was linked to a contact form that fed directly into Around the Bend’s CRM system. The landing page was then broadcast on Facebook  to men and women aged 17-65, using a striking advert image and accompanying copy.

By using this solution we were able to grab the attention of young drivers (and anyone else that was looking for driving lesson for themselves) and direct them through to the dedicated landing page. By using Social PPC, we were also able to target the parents (and other social influencers) at the same time in the hope they would ‘tag’ or ‘share’ the advert with somebody that was looking for driving lessons.

The final solution was a huge success, and has been running continuously since March 2016. This is now the main lead generation method for Around the Bend, with as many as 30 campaigns active at any one time. The adverts are continuously optimised and tested, meaning the overall cost per acquisition reduces consitently over time. The solution provided by us was also the catalyst for Permission to be asked to look after the rest of the social strategy for the business and it’s subsidiaries.

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