Project Description

Permission were recommended by an existing client to the team over at Conserve, to take a look at their current digital marketing strategy and to offer a more cost effective solution. When we sat down with the Conserve team, they had been let down by another provider who had been running a Google AdWords campaign directing potential customers through to their website. Whilst the campaign had been working, the cost per lead was very high (£50-60 on average), and the quality of the leads were poor.

We knew that Conserve had a strong social media presence on Facebook, so we developed and implemented a social PPC campaign that could be run continuously on that platform. Because of the nature of the business (installing insulated roofs for conservatories) it was important that the images and offers could be changed seasonally, so our team designed and built a landing page that could accommodate this easily.

Using Facebook’s powerful audience selection tool we were able to drill down to a specific audience that we knew, based on Conserve’s existing customer base, would be more likely to respond positively to our advert. Because of this we were able to achieve a very high click-through-rate which increased the number of conversions on the landing page, resulting in more leads for Conserve.


Cost Per Lead
Click Through Rate
Total Clicks To Landing Page