In the beginning of 2018 Facebook implemented news feed changes which saw video content being prioritised over photos. This huge step from the social media giant now mean more video content than ever is being posted, and has resulted in 100 million hours of video watch time every single day.

With the help of Facebook Watch, Facebook’s very own video-on-demand service, and video giants such as YouTube, social media users are becoming accustomed to seeing their timelines filled to the brim with video content.

So how can you make video on Facebook work for you?


Making the most of video

With the amount of content uploaded to Facebook every day it’s difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd. Whether you opt for a numbers game approach, putting lots of videos out there to increase brand awareness in the hope someone enquiries, or you settle for fewer, more intricate videos designed towards a specific end goal, gauging the results and capitalising on user engagement can be difficult.

Luckily, Facebook has a nifty tool that can help you use video as part of a wider marketing funnel, enabling you to use the easy-to-digest content format in a highly effective way.


What is Facebook video retargeting?

Facebook video retargeting is the same as any other retargeting practice; gathering user information through a piece of content, segmenting the audience and then delivering further marketing to that segment. Whereas traditional retargeting generally relies on people hitting a landing page and triggering an event, Facebook video retargeting simply requires someone to watch your video.

By creating custom audiences, businesses are able to segment people who have done the following on any video they have posted on the platform:

  • Watched 3 seconds of the video
  • Watched 10 seconds of the video
  • Watched 25% of the video
  • Watched 50% of the video
  • Watched 75% of the video
  • Watched 95% of the video

By using these custom audience options, businesses are now able to illustrate which audiences are most likely to be interested in the service/product they have to offer, based on their video viewing habits. This turns the one-time KPI’s on a spreadsheet into tangible assets that can be used as part of your marketing campaigns.



How to create a video retargeting campaign

1) Head to the audiences section on your Facebook ads manager

2) Click the Create Audience dropdown and choose Custom Audience.

3) Select Video from the sources list

4) Choose your Engagement type. It’s advisable you create a number of different audiences for each video, e.g 25%, 50%, 75% and 95%

5) Click Choose Videos and select the page the video content is from. Select the video(s) you want to create an audience from

6) Select the number of days in the past you want Facebook to go back to. Remember – If you tell Facebook to go back 30 days and a person engaged 29 days ago, they’ll be in your audience. However, if they fail to engage in the next day, they’ll then be removed from it.

7) Add an audience name that is a clear description of the audience, e.g. –

8) Click Create Audience. It will take at least 30 minutes for that audience to be ready to use, but you can continue straight away in building the advert that will use your custom audience.

9) Click Create an Ad using this audience and following the on-screen instruction as you would normally do when creating a Facebook ad


Nice job, you have created your first video retargeting campaign on Facebook. Remember, those audiences are now saved in your ads manager to be used for any ad you wish, and will be continually updated with new users as time goes on.


Things to remember

  • There is no exact science for which engagement type to use, it totally depends on your video/video length/product/service. The best thing to do is create an audience for each engagement type and then test using different ads
  • Clearly define your audiences so they are easy to interpret later down the line
  • You don’t need to create an advert straight away using the audience. You can let an audience build for a while before you go ahead and create an ad


If you’re interested on how video retargeting can work for your business, get in touch to speak to one of our Facebook experts today.